Just don’t give up on yourself!

via Daily Prompt: Inchoate  

Sometimes things don’t go according to our expectations

We think tragedies are not for us

Nothing indifferent would happen

But when reality hits us on the face

With what was not in the plan

We panic

We want to run away

and wish to give up

But remember at this time

You don’t need to plan out

You don’t need to solve things which you are not capable of

All you need to do  is

To stay strong

Gather some strength

It’s alright to have Inchoate thoughts

Just be patient

Be easy on yourself

With time you will find meaning to living

Believe me, you will

Just don’t give up this fast

Because no matter what

Even this time will pass

 Believe in yourself

or else how would you know

what next life would offer

If you don’t give up!