Somewhere far away….. but why?

via Daily Prompt: Foreign

newsies.jpgSometimes when things go wrong. We just want to pack our bags and run away. There is no harm in traveling and exploring the world. But don’t pack your bags because you gave up! Why are you ready to give up on the place that yoy call home and never look back. So we could start over again at a foreign place, where nobody know us…our story, our pain and our failures. Because we think this would make things easy for us.

but why? just because you are scared to face the world or answer people but how long one can run? Why not just take control of things and face the dark, can not we just over come our fears? Lets be bad-ass, so that when the world makes you run…. just grab it by its balls and make it clear that you are here to stay, strong and happening… You would not run away to find peace, you will find it within. So lets just stay where we are and let the storm pass.dgp9kupwsaeeqrs.jpg

Because there is option either to be somewhere foreign or become foreign for the society. So break the stereotypes and be you. No need to go far far away to live your happily after!