Time heals all!

via Daily Prompt: Meander


No matter how hard things are, no matter how tired you are…one day all your pain will come to an end. Even if there is no reason to keep going on, I ensure you. You being alive is a reason itself. Because at any point of life you have 100% percent chance to change the game. You just need to take the charge and write a new chapter of your biography which may change the whole meaning of your existence. Remember it is only you who has the power to change the dark period of your life into just a page of your book, rather than making it the cover of your book which describes who you are. While doing that be committed to yourself and to your success. In the end you may forget all your pain.

Sometimes you have to ignore your pain, sometimes you to have to face it. When we talk about pain the conversation can be meandered for hours but the most important part is to move on, if you hold it for long either as a lesson it will not let you heal. imagesBecause in the process to heal you need to find peace within yourself. You need to be easy on yourself. You may break several times however every time it may make you stronger. So just remember to keep going on because no matter what change is the only constant. Things will never remain the same. Because life is the name of continuous marathon in which you will experience the beauty of all seasons sometimes with smile on face and sometimes with tears in eye. So be patient and let the time heal all!