Life vs Advertising

via Daily Prompt: Strategy

Life is about people. Advertising is about how we can illuminate the life of people through advertising. collateral beauty

Being an advertiser (creative manager) I have always worked on strategies to make a product success and turn it into a brand. A brand; which people not only want to buy but feel connected to. For which it requires a bit of research, insight of people’s life that how a product can illuminate their life and the right words which can turn a yes into a no!

Well well does not my job description sounds like magic? which might make me sound like a magician, who make fool out of people? and sell them things which they not have to even buy…..

But in real life… I am not that clever bad-ass woman, who knows how to use words to manipulate people. Because in real life strategies don’t work, no matter how much research you do, no matter how many insights you take, you just can not fight the fate and stop the time. This is the irony of life. No matter what you do, no matter how much you take control on things. You just can not predict what you are going to get next.

Advertising is not a true representation of life, its manipulation of life.But in the end, I wish I could have that life. Where all my problems just vanish with a simple product. OR at least strategies could work as planed in life…  if so then I would have conquered the world just with a red lipstick