An unforgettable tale of heart break

via Daily Prompt:  Forlorn

That girl who was all about joy and Smiles

love and kindness

was now someone unrecognizable

her heart was broken

Her lips were dry and eyes were wet


it was a slap from fate and irony of life

that the guy she loved

did not cared enough


For her it was matter of heart

but for him, she was just ace in the hole

The day she came to know she did not wanted to believe

but make her relationship a success


end the stereotype that an Alpha woman is hard to keep

sooner or later she had to face the reality

and he made it easy for her with violence and  disrespect


that day she realized, how worthless her love was

only few people know her story

for the rest she was just a feminist

who never wanted to start a family

but deep down somewhere she still believe in love and fairy tales

 Indeed, it is an increasingly forlorn hope! 



P.S i always write motivational and positive ends but this time I wanted to write a tragic story. Please feel free to comment