would your OBITUARY be worth reading?

via Daily Prompt: Funnel

Life is the name of up and downs, pain and sorrows, joy and happiness, but most importantly, life is all about a constant struggle to settle down. For which we try to find answers of why, when, where,who,what and how. But in actual the only time when there are no more struggles is the time when we die.However  our obituary sums up our life with the same 5 W’s and h. Just like a funnel our life gives us wide opportunities but we only avail the time at the end when there is less space to do something!

So while struggling to settle down in this noisy world don’t just settle because you have to, you need to know that life is short and one little step can change your story. So always remember that what ever you are doing is it worth your obituary? are you even using your trump card?

Live your life to your maximum potentials, so that on the day of your funeral either if it is going to happen tomorrow… it is worth reading

Even if you live for one day make it worth it, not only for yourself but by making this world a better place as well. A little act of kindness can make a big difference, sometimes not for you but for the next person.

So that death is something peaceful for you  and on the day of your funeral everyone is happy, that they had an encounter with you when you were alive.