via Daily Prompt: Calling  


I had been lost

and there is no one calling me

That smile on my face, that hope in my eyes

I could not find it anymore

that spark that strength

I don’t know if there is a reason I am alive

no strings attached, even means there is no one to get up for

I had been lost

but I do want to be found

my divorce had been hard on me

I did not lose a piece of me but the meaning of life

because for marriage I gave up on everything

now I am left with nothing

my soul had been wandering

All I want is peace but I am tired chasing it

After all the scares and pain

I am trying to re-call myself

to be someone who makes a difference

may it be easy may it be possible

because I do not want my past to be calling me

all I want is a reason

reason to keep flowing and reason to keep calling on my strenght!