Age? too cliche!

Age? too cliche!via Daily Prompt: Age

skylar_age_chart_by_starofdestiny-d2ycolpWe often hear that age is just a number but what is it for? why do we even have age? So it can define us… but in which sense does age define us. Aging does means growing up but how we age is not up to the number of years we have lived. All of us grow up differently either its about physically growing up or emotionally. then whats the point to have an “age” to define you? May be age is about expectations, how the society or science expect you to be at that age.

imagesSo age is all about expectations, at certain age how you act or look like. the art is to beat the age in your own way, don’t let age define you but be someone who redefines the age.  Be 60 years old who look like 45 or even dress like 21 or even act like 16 or someone who is 18 but acts like 45-year-old wise man.

So lets let age be just a number and break stereotypes related to it! remember if you are aging rightly then its to cliche!