#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “NAP”   Attempt 1 Want to sleep, memories don’t allow…. Attempt 2 Tired soul, even nap couldn’t help! Attempt 3 Living beyond logic; denies to dream!   Advertisements

VENUS; the goddess of Love

Three Things Challenge, 28 August 2018 Today’s things are: Venus, ocean, frozen Venus; The goddess of love and beauty Who sparked rivalry among the gods With her charm She aroused the oceans Striving to please… Continue reading


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “Change” Attempt 1 Wrote vows, exchanged on his deathbed  Attempt 2 Said yes, but to someone else! Attempt 3 Lovers to strangers, for society’s sake!


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “Typo ” She always wrote; U instead of I!    

Way of Love

Three Things Challenge 27th August Today’s things are: statue, priest, violin After the Curfew There was dead silence Broken dreams and shattered hearts Priest praying for peace and Mercy in the name of God In… Continue reading


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “FRAZZLED ” Attempt 1: Kid tried to soothe, dead mother! Attempt 2: Noting calmed her, but his glimpse! Attempt 3: Exhausted mother, dull wife; cheating husband!  


If you open her heart, You will witness his mere reflection A heart painted with new hopes Fragile but ready to dare To Speak the forgotten Language of love Negotiating with fate To… Continue reading


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “OW ”   Attempt 1: Greatest inspiration was him, now revenge! Attempt 2: It’s in past, but still hurts! Attempt 3: He left, She believe in miracles!  


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “Argh” Attempt 1: Bought expensive makeup, bruises still show  Attempt 2: Child Bride, depth paid; lust satisfied!  Attempt 3: “Typed the message: Mind never agreed!” Written for J.I. Rogers’ Six Word… Continue reading


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “Fear” Attempt 1: Met him, lost herself; forbidden love! Attempt 2: Waited for him, only death came!   Written for J.I. Rogers’ Six Word Story Challenge “Fear”