If only

I wish one day I get up Next to a person I could call home  Where I could breath In the fresh air Where I am happy Full of colors Rather than just… Continue reading

5 Reasons; why you need to travel!

Life has so much to offer.However we stay in prison while the door it wide open. Not only to explore the world but to except diversity, experience life beyond the usual. One should… Continue reading

7 Things I learned hard way about Post Divorce

Divorce can be happy, sad, your choice or your partners choice but one thing for sure is; it is and would always be hard.

Patiently bidding time!

O dear thee All day long I love to wait To hear from you Thou i am an impatient person But it keeps me indulged In thoughts of you I keep waiting all… Continue reading


The art of living is in patience. Patience to wait for the right time. Patience to accept the differences. Patience to accept the injustice. Yet not giving up on your dreams. Because whats… Continue reading


A Desi  girl With a foreign mind Not even trying To fit in   Just like a bird Kept captive Pampered with food Yet wings clipped   Shams and Rumi Never harmed the mankind… Continue reading

Writing my own fairy tale!

Life has taken a different turn To a road with no directions   Even after a year It’s Still unknown to me   I am not lost Nor am I found   Just… Continue reading


Guilt is knowing that what you are doing is wrong, something against the society and against the law. As it disturbs the balance of life. However, you still willingly and most importantly knowingly… Continue reading

Woman by choice

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via Daily Prompt: Cherish ? On a winter night there was a heavy rainfall and thunderstorm. While a man in a hospital was roaming from here…

Giving up on myself!

The air I breath is suffocating The light I see is fading away The ray of hope is nowhere to find My head is going to explode My heart is already broke I… Continue reading