Woman by choice

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via Daily Prompt: Cherish ? On a winter night there was a heavy rainfall and thunderstorm. While a man in a hospital was roaming from here…

Giving up on myself!

The air I breath is suffocating The light I see is fading away The ray of hope is nowhere to find My head is going to explode My heart is already broke I… Continue reading

3 am (Heart-to-Heart)

Pouring your emotions out Not in a box But into another soul Counting stars Each depicting a new dream Saying things that you would not say out loud Not in the day light… Continue reading

Down In the Dumps and Unheard!

Flowers are meant to bloom, birds are destined to fly high, and fishes are thought to go with the flow just like how each day the sun is supposed to rise again. That’s… Continue reading

Six Word Story

Never looked back but nor forward!

Friends Accidentally!

Sometimes you get random encounters with people but those random encounters carry more meaning than anything else. Just like that I came across this guy who happens to be my photography teachers’s assistant.… Continue reading

Random Encounters

Sometimes the wrong choices take you to the right places. Just like how we fall for people for not being perfect but perfectly flawed. Because the beauty doesn’t lie in loving someone who… Continue reading

The Forty Rules of Love

default People fall in love with people People fall in love with things, they want Here I fell in love with words That not only touched my heart but connected with my soul…… Continue reading

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall Who am I after all How people see Or what They accuse me to be   For some I may be a friend For some I may be… Continue reading

Love and the Seven Deadly Sins!

Like a little child she had an innocent heart. A heart which has never tasted the sins of the world… until she met him. He entered her life like the season of spring… Continue reading