Keep your heart warm, in the cold nights!

The gloomy winter nights Filled with silence Leaving the feeling of desolation Covered with the clouds of darkness When the parks are empty Even a bench seems lonely Waiting for someone to accompany… Continue reading

My favourite Song

You have been my favourite song Since so long A song which showed me light In the darkest nights A song which kept me accompanied In the brightest days Putting an end to… Continue reading

Let go of the lost hues

Life is a continuous race Where we negotiate with time In pursue to happiness To search for internal peace And when we negate the time Denial leads us to self-destruction Causing never ending… Continue reading

See through your heart not eyes!

There is so much pain in this world More than what an ordinary heart can disgust Everyone is fighting their own battle Trying not to quit Struggling to keep their souls alive before… Continue reading

Lost Soul

The girl waiting to start a journey without any belongings or sense of belongingness     So she could get on  The never-ending road…   Take the train  Going anywhere in the light…   … Continue reading

A little girl in a big world

Childhood, When life seems to be Just giggles and bubbles, when there’s nothing to worry As you are unaware of the evils of world When happiness lies in a cup of ice cream… Continue reading

The sky is everywhere ❤️

I have been reading a lot of novels lately….. All the novels that I have ever read in my life are either recommended by someone, or I heard about or read somewhere about… Continue reading


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “NAP”   Attempt 1 Want to sleep, memories don’t allow…. Attempt 2 Tired soul, even nap couldn’t help! Attempt 3 Living beyond logic; denies to dream!  

VENUS; the goddess of Love

Three Things Challenge, 28 August 2018 Today’s things are: Venus, ocean, frozen Venus; The goddess of love and beauty Who sparked rivalry among the gods With her charm She aroused the oceans Striving to please… Continue reading


#SixWordStoryChallenge Today’s challenge is: “Change” Attempt 1 Wrote vows, exchanged on his deathbed  Attempt 2 Said yes, but to someone else! Attempt 3 Lovers to strangers, for society’s sake!