Autumn, When you fall a little hard!


A perfect take on words!

At the beach while looking at dawn, sitting close to her on the edge of  bridge. He knew there could not be any better time to pop the question. Suddenly she looked at… Continue reading

Winter, When you feel blue!

        The season of Winter When everything is covered with snow Making one low and cold as death But a simple  hug  on a winter night Makes everything melt And… Continue reading

Found love in a mysterious way!

   On a cold winter night, lightening took place and with in no time the rain drops started to fall down. The song from the Movie Up “just married” was played on the… Continue reading

Spring, the season of new beginnings

The season of Spring When even the coldest hearts experience warmth and start to wish a little more As its a season when, love blooms life in everything alive!   Photo credit :… Continue reading

Fearlessly Authentic

via Daily Prompt: Authentic  I am loud and I am not afraid I speak up my mind without any wait I cry out my tears without any fears I laugh out loud wearing… Continue reading

Love beyond infinity

via Daily Prompt: Parallel   Essence of devotion Warmth of heart In the world full of hate and indifference Is like  a truth that holds Parallel universe Because reality of world is way too… Continue reading

Right Perspective Is No Perspective

Never over sell or underestimate yourself In life you will do What you never thought to You will break the boundaries You will cross bridges of impossibilities You will do exactly what you… Continue reading

Far or Near, You will always be Dear!

With every ticking second There is a heart which craves for your presence Each moment spent with you Had essence of love, magic and passion   Alas! I was not able to hold… Continue reading

The Sunday Blues

  Away from the world Laying in a hot bath tub   for many hours with mind full of fears Just by myself, being transparent not focusing on  worldly appearance no texts, no… Continue reading