The magic of love!

Her life was like a journey through dessert Searching for water all on her own Then he escaped the sand dunes Entered her life Like a well in Sahara She didn’t trusted enough… Continue reading

Make it count before the clock stops ticking…

Each and every day is a gift We just forget to embrace When the sunrises from the east Enlightening the day The warm cup of coffee The tenderness present Even in a broken… Continue reading

Life never comes up with instructions!

The most difficult battle is the battle between heart and mind. If you follow your heart you break the rules and outlaw the system and when you follow your mind you leave your… Continue reading

Unsaid Goodbyes, last forever

  Lived beyond reality Wrote my own rules Broke the taboos Calmed my soul in the chaos   Thou I knew it’s going to end And cause soreness Nevertheless, for once  wanted to… Continue reading

Love finds it way!

  A cranky old man, who lived all own his own.  Gardening all day and never letting anyone near by himself or his precious garden Because that was all he had. But one day… Continue reading

Taste death before you taste life

Daily Prompt:Retrospective In retrospective when I think it became all clear to me. The irony of fate is that to live maximum before we die,we have to taste death before we taste life,… Continue reading

Vow together

Let’s paint together the colours of life Write a song worth while Create music that rhythms day and night Dance happiness and hug tight Lets argue but never fight Dream big and cross… Continue reading

Murder of a heart: A story untold

Every heart filled with darkness Was once a place full of light The hues of hatred and betrayal Sucked the innocence out And awaken the demons inside An unstoppable storm in the ocean… Continue reading

Lost but not found!

I got lost once When I came to know That I don’t know The reason of my existence As life is not about having mere presence From that day I am in search… Continue reading

I crave for name not fame!

Daily Prompt: Famous  When you are from Darkness Your biggest fear is dying unknown I don’t just want to be famous But to be known For who i am And where from Make… Continue reading