Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you to blog for nominating me ❤️ Mystery Blogger Award: “It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one… Continue reading

When things get grey!

via Daily Prompt:   Loophole A person like me Who always looked at life in black and white As for me its all about being right or wrong having no feeling or feeling being… Continue reading

The fight between brain and soul!

via Daily Prompt: Carve  My mind Carves for money the diamond jewels the luxurious baths Gucci purse and jimmy choo for my feet however in the end my soul just asks for peace… Continue reading

An unforgettable tale of heart break

via Daily Prompt:  Forlorn That girl who was all about joy and Smiles love and kindness was now someone unrecognizable her heart was broken Her lips were dry and eyes were wet  … Continue reading

would your OBITUARY be worth reading?

via Daily Prompt: Funnel Life is the name of up and downs, pain and sorrows, joy and happiness, but most importantly, life is all about a constant struggle to settle down. For which… Continue reading

A fresh start!

via Daily Prompt: Finally Finally its over days have passed the  sun has set the storm has gone pain is over the tears have dried not all because the time has changed but… Continue reading


via Daily Prompt: Calling   I had been lost and there is no one calling me That smile on my face, that hope in my eyes I could not find it anymore that spark… Continue reading

The silent Love

via Daily Prompt: Silent  They were friends They were partner in crimes They were the soul mates But their story was never told Neither of them took a step because the bond they… Continue reading

That Girl in red lipstick

via Daily Prompt: Jolly Jolly That girl, in  red lipstick with bold black eyes and the brightest smile She laugh as if there is no pain in the world But inside she is… Continue reading

2017, the Unexpected year

via Daily Prompt: Varnish Varnish   Sometimes you get tired, tired of chasing things, dreams or even yourself and all you want to do is to settle down. So did I. I wanted… Continue reading